The Schinterhof
in the Eisack Valley

Who is behind the Schinterhof project?

Herbert Hofer
Owner of Schinterhof
Stephan P. Sölva
Lorenz & Maxi Springeth
The history of Schinterhof
The then so-called "Schinthof" was first mentioned in 1380. The name originally comes from the work of stripping bark from trees and making "shingles" out of them, which are still used for roofs today. In 1548, the owner was Paul Unterschinter, who continued this tradition at the farm. 

In the many decades around and after the Middle Ages, many cultural areas changed and developed further, above all due to urbanisation ( connection of the Valle Isarco by the new road to the Brenner Pass). This also brought viticulture back into play at the Schinterhof.

This was a fundamental element for the historically common mixed economy on the farm where self-sufficiency was ensured with grazing cattle, fruit and above all vineyards around the Schinterhof.

The Hofer family bought the entire farm - Schinterhof and Unterschinterhof - as early as 1906 and passed it on in the family. After the two world wars, the inherited shares were then bought by the Sepp Hofer family in 1955 and taken over by the current owner family, Hofer Franz, in 1978.